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by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey

Presented by the New York City Department of Education's Civics For All Comics Group,
2020 - present

We collaborated directly with The New York City Department of Education's Civics for All group to create the Action Activists comic series for use in their middle school social studies core curriculum.

Action Activists #1 teaches readers what civics is, how it works (and how it doesn't!) and how students can become civically engaged through activism, protest and even running for political office.

Action Activists #2 tells the story of 4 significant moments in the activist history of New York City.

Action Activists #3 is about several famous immigrant activists throughout US History.

How To Be An Action Activist is a special origin issue of Action Activist's Pigeon and Squirrel characters for early elementary readers (coming March 2024).

Action Activists #4 is currently in production for a 2025 release.


Action Activists was the launch title of the New York City Department of Education's original comics publishing initiative. 100,000 printed copies of each issue have been distributed for free to New York City middle school students as part of their Social Studies core curriculum, and digital downloads are available for free, world-wide.

Action Activists 2-1.png

Excerpts from Action Activists:

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