This is the original artwork for the ToyFare Magazine feature "Twisted ToyFare Theater / Megoville the board game" chock full of gags and in-jokes from the magazine's heydey when it was edited and written by the knuckleheads who would go on to make "Robot Chicken". Spider-Man is featured throughout, plus Captain Kirk sexually harrassing the president, Time Travellin' Fist Fightin' Alan Moore, Zombie Smurfs, Tony Stark's crabs, racists hillbillies, violent cops, Gamera dunking on Godzilla, Cobra Commander, Dr Doom AND the Hulk acting stupid and  best of allthe X-Men's Colossus chucking a small child to her death. Horray! With so much awesomeness this really is the ONLY piece of artwork you will EVER need to own, so don't miss it. Illustrated and signed by Ryan Dunlavey, 14 x 17 inch ink drawing on bristol.

Twisted ToyFare Theater Mego-ville Board Game artwork