The only piece of 1980's pop culture you'll ever need! All of your childhood favorites are here: Optimus Prime of the Transformers, Cheetara of the Thundercats, Ghostbusters, Mario, Jem and the Holograms, She-Ra, He-Man, Tron, Max Headroom, Indiana Jones, Mr. T, Voltron, The Goonies, The Smurfs, Knight Rider,  E.T., Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes even the Care Bears are represented - just try and name them all! 

I originally drew this for ToyFare magazine in 2003 and it has remained one of my most popular and enduring images ever since. (Seriously, just google "80's cartoons" and this is almost always the first image result.)  This is the ONLY authorized sale ANYWHERE of this artwork!


"The 80's Strike Back" (aka Eighties Cartoon Party) is an 11 x 14 full color an open edition digital art print on 80lb cover stock, perfect for framing and display.
Image © 2003 Ryan Dunlavey, all rights reserved.

The 80's Strike Back print


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