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STUPERPOWERS! The First-Class Game for Third-Rate Heroes

by Ryan Dunlavey, Steve Ellis, Stew Noack and Fred Van Lente

additional material by Jamal Igle, Carson Jones, Lauren Rabinowitz and Al Zatkow

Earth's mightiest heroes have vanished but the nastiest, foulest villains to ever walk the planet remain. Now only YOU stand between Earth and total destruction and all you can do is...TARGET VOMIT?!?

STUPERPOWERS! is a role-playing game where you play super heroes with silly, useless, and occasionally downright gross powers, which you use against the only slightly less ridiculous forces of evil. The Stuperpowers! rulebook works as a stand-alone game system or a humorous supplement to your favorite super hero RPG. Now in its second edition, the book is jam-packed with 100 ridiculous and fully playable powers, character advancement rules, a full-length four-adventure campaign, Live-Action rules, and the kid-tested, mother-approved INSTAVENTURES Random Scenario Generation system!

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114 page pdf, black and white

Stuperpowers Role-Playing Game DIGITAL