Action Presidents - original edition

Action Presidents - original edition

I have VERY LIMITED STOCK of the FIRST EVER Action Presidents comic for sale! Written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Ryan Dunlavey Action Presidents: George Washington Special Dead Cherry Tree Edition*and is a 20 page "condensed" version of Washington's life story, self-published as a single issue comic book in 2013. Never sold it stores, the comic was only available directly from the authors at comic book convetions and other public appearances. Fred and I would end up completely rewriting and redrawing the material for the 2020 graphic novel published by HarperCollins. Less than 1000 were printed and we're down to our last 20 or so copies - we've seen these sell as high as $70 on eBay! All comics come signed by artist Ryan Dunlavey.


Ryan Dunlavey is an author, comic book creator and illustrator for hire based in New York City.

Ryan Dunlavey Illustration Studio - 262 5th Ave - Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11215

All content created by and © Ryan Dunlavey unless otherwise noted.

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