Illustration for ToyFare Magazine -  a mashup of all the Adult Swim characters circa 2005 that had action figures of some sort.

NOTE: this original is a little weird - I drew the characters and the background seprately because I thought it would be easier to color (in hindshight, I was wrong) so you're getting two pieces with this auction: a blank background of a public pool, and a bunch of cartoon characters floating in limbo. I'm sorry. Anyways, it's a little awkward so I've priced it accordingly. SUCH A DEAL, RIGHT?!

Two 14 x 17 inch ink drawings on bristol, plus an 11 x 14 digital print. Will come signed by the artist and can be personalized on request.

Adult Swim Pool Party art


Ryan Dunlavey is a cartoonist and author based in New York City.

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