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STUPERPOWERS is a role-playing game that I self-published with a bunch of my friends way back in 1997 where you played a super hero with really, REALLY stupid and useless powers, all 100 of which were fully illustrated like these ones that I did!

We even made some comic strips!

Other artists that worked on the book were Steve Ellis, Jamal Igle, Stew Noack and Lauren Rabinowitz. Fred Van Lente and Carson Jones co-wrote the 32 page 1997 edition, Fred ended up re-writing the bulk of 112 page 2001 edition from scratch with help from me, Steve, Jamal, and Al Zatkow. It was a lot of silly fun, but just putting together the rule book almost killed us. We never made any of the supplemental materials like adventure modules that these kinds of games require to be successful, and in the end we’d discovered we'd all rather just keep our own jokes, stories and characters to craft into our own comics and creative projects rather than just put them all in a game.

I guess we did something right because Stuperpowers still managed to gain a cult following in spite of us all but abandoning the project. In fact, people still play it! You can download the full game as a pay-what-you-want PDF from Ko-Fi.

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