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My 2021 in review: It was a lot!

I haven't posted on this blog in a year because I've been really busy - for starters, I had THREE NEW BOOKS come out last year!


Drawn by me, written by Fred Van Lente and colored by Adam Guzowski, this graphic novel chronicles the true story of the invention and evolution of the animation art form, from Edison labs to Disney, Looney Tunes, anime, Pixar and everything in-between. This has been a real passion project of mine and I’m super proud of it. Drawing it kept me sane and focused throughout the pandemic, and Fred and Adam both brought their A-game to this project. This may be my most favorite thing I’ve ever made and it’s on sale right now!

New book #2: M.O.D.O.K. HEAD GAMES

This brand-new trade paperback collection reprints the two M.O.D.O.K. one-shots I wrote and drew for Marvel Comics back in 2010: “Reign Delay” and “Intelligencia vs Insmelligencia”. These M.O.D.O.K. comics were one of my most favorite projects ever and this is the first time they have ever been reprinted in a mass-market paperback, (as a tie in to the excellent new animated M.O.D.O.K. series on Hulu) I'm so excited that more people will get a chance to read them! It’s also in stores RIGHT NOW and you can pick up a copy at YOUR LOCAL COMIC BOOK STORE or wherever you like to buy funny books.


Well, it's sorta new! Action Philosophers is finally in FULL COLOR (thanks again to the mighty Adam Guzowski) and it’s never looked better. They were available exclusively to Kickstarter backers but plans are afoot for two more volumes in this format, for a mass-market release through a new publisher we're very excited to work with. (In the meantime, the self-published black and white omnibus is still available). Action Philosophers was the series that launched my comics career and has been an evergreen best-seller ever since it’s 2005 debut - I’m so happy we’ve found a way to keep it fresh and accessible to new readers.

Action Activists returns!

We also made another issue of Action Activists for the New York City Department of Education! The digital version is totally FREE, you can downloaded it here! 80,000 printed copies will be distributed to New York City students as part of the Civics For All program in March 2022. We're so proud to be a part of this program with the DOE and we're already planning a third issue!

Brand-new self-published comic series: "MY BULLSHIT!"

MY BULLSHIT is a brand-new, ongoing one-cartoonist underground anthology series of my short fiction, autobiographical tales and cheap gags. Issue 1 is half all-new material plus several stories that appeared in various hard-to-find anthologies including "Diarrhea Dog" and "Karatebot". It's funny, stupid! NOT in comic stores - I made the decision to ONLY make this available directly through me, either at comic conventions or direct order. Don't think, just buy it!

I went to some comic conventions! Comic book conventions are back and I have dove back in! I was set up in artist alley at New York Comic-Con and Baltimore Comic-Con this past October, and I'm scheduled to be at TCAF in June 2022. Not only was it great to be back and seeing people face-to-face, but it was also very clarifying for re-centering my career path as a creative professional. I made some changes as a result - I removed all career distractions and side hustles and am purely concentrating on making the best commercial art, published comics and personal work that I can, full-stop. I won't be making my own merchandise or generating fan art or doing private commissions anymore, probably ever.

I'll still do comic shows though! They're a ton of fun and I love speaking on panels, signing books, showing off the work I've done and (best of all) connecting with fans, peers and professionals of all levels. I would never give that up, ever. (I also re-discovered the joys of digging through long boxes of old comic books!) So if you are organizing a convention in the future and would like to sponsor me as a guest or panelist please get in touch - I promise you I am a DELIGHT.

That's it for now! Lots more coming in 2022!

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