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Kid's Apparel Graphics

My first job out of college in the early 90's was doing graphic design and production for a T-shirt printer - we mostly made shirts with cartoon characters, rock bands and sports teams - it was a perfect fit for me at the time and it was a lot of fun! I briefly returned to the shirt graphics world in early 2004 when I was hired by The Childrens Place for a couple of months to make apparel graphics, mostly for their girl's line. It was a fun challenge to draw stuff way outside the norm for me - it was also a LOT of work and as is the nature of the fashion industry, 95% of the art I created never even made it to store shelves. Here's a few rejects that I liked enough to save:

I designed SO MANY butterfly graphics (it's kind of their thing), some of which I noticed they would rework and repurpose for their product line, years after I had left!

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