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It's Dirt Candy Week!

You know DIRT CANDY, right? The acclaimed NYC vegetable restaurant was founded by my friend chef Amanda Cohen, and in 2012 we made a Graphic Novel Cookbook together! In the years since Amanda and Dirt Candy have become kind of a big deal - she’s even an Iron Chef!

Amanda and her husband Grady are some of my favorite people to collaborate with - and they must feel the same way about because we've done a LOT of projects together over the years - and not just the cookbook! This week my blog is devoted to DIRT CANDY and I’ll feature one of the projects I’ve done with them each day.

To kick things off, here's an entire episode Sara’s Weeknight Meals starring me and Amanda! Well, okay…mostly Amanda. And the restaurant. And a lot of great recipes. OKAY FINE, so I'm in it for like 60 seconds, and I'm not with host Sara Moulton and it's mostly just shots of the comic BUT I'M STILL ON TV!!! Somebody update my IMDB page, stat!

Anyways, here the episode where we are pretending to brainstorm ideas for the book (starting at the 4 minute mark)…filmed 5 years after the book was published. TV magic!

(The rest of the episode is really good too.)

See you back here tomorrow for more!

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