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Action Philosophers - cover art!

Since it first appeared in comic book stores 15 years ago, Action Philosophers has been continuously available in print (at least in English). It's also been serialized in self-published single issue comics, giant-sized editions, paperback collections, hardcover deluxe editions, reprint issues, print, digital, from multiple English language publishers, translated into 6 languages (French, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean) and counting,… so Action Philosophers has had a LOT of different covers in its decade-and-a-half of existence:

the hardcover, tenth anniversay "Über" edition (no connection with the taxi service of the same name) published by Dark Horse Comics in 2014

The self-published Action Philosophers vol. 3 art - one of my favorites.

Dark Horse's $1 reprint edition of Issue #1

Promo postcard! At this scale I really should have re-drawn them to be simpler.

A special Japanese educational edition, colored by Terry WIley.

Digital edition with exclusive art of Karl Marx as a GI Joe action figure.

And lastly, our latest edition - available now!

There's LOTS more covers than this (the Korean edition is particularly cool looking) - I'll have to dig some up for a future post!

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