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FLASHBACK: Free Comic Book Day 2011 at Acme Comics!

On May 9, 2011 Acme Comics flew me to their store on Free Comic Book Day to do free sketch requests for their customers all day - here's most of them!

Acme had sponsored about 12 artists in all (including my pal Jamal Igle) to draw sketch requests all day long for a line of customers down the block - one single character sketch per customer in black and white so we could draw them in a reasonable amount of time. Fred came down too - and spent most of the day signing multiple comics he'd written for FCBD's past and present. I drew a LOT of sketches, and REALLY fast (this was only about half of the drawings I did, I didn't have time to photograph them all) and met a lot of interesting new people, got a paid flight, lodging and meals - they even took us to see the then-new Thor movie afterwards. It was a really good time!

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